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Extended Description

  • Description: SparkCheck'r Hands-Free Ignition Analyser
  • Editorial: Engine won't start on the lawn mower, chainsaw, leaf blower, lawn tractor, car,
  • truck, motorcycle, boat or jet ski?
  • Remove the guesswork without removing the spark plug or wires! SparkCheck’r
  • safely and accurately tests for proper spark, shorted/fouled plugs and even broken
  • plug wires. This highly accurate diagnostic tool uses micro-circuit technology to
  • help determine why the engine won’t start. Hands-free operation - just clip it on
  • and crank it over. One of three LED’s instantly indicates the engine’s
  • electrical condition. Use the included diagnostic chart and tag to find possible
  • causes of the ignition problem. The auto-off feature avoids draining the battery
  • when SparkCheck’r is removed from the plug wire.
  • Works on all two and four-stroke engines, with and without electronic CD ignitions.
  • Ideal for all outdoor power equipment, vehicles, ATV's, motorcycles, jet skis etc.
  • Features: Advanced micro-circuit design makes ignition diagnostics a simple, one-person job.
  • Remove the guesswork and check for spark without removing the spark plug or plug
  • leads.
  • Spring-loaded gripper hook with automatic on and off.
  • 3 LED lights and the attached troubleshooting tag makes it easy to diagnose the
  • problem.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design and very lightweight – only 54 grams (1.9 ozs)!
  • Includes one AAA 1.5 volt alkaline battery – comes ready to use!
  • Standard Pack Quantity: 1
  • Please Note: Operating Instructions:-
  • Five Easy Steps to Use -
  • 1. Set slide switch for proper engine size.
  • 2. Push gripper lever forward to open gripper hook.
  • 3. Place gripper hook on plug wire and release gripper lever.
  • 4. Insure engine is ready for starting/check kill switch.
  • 5. Firmly pull recoil starter or energise electric start long enough to turn the
  • engine over several times.
  • Brand: SparkCheck'r,
  • Product Line: Ignition Analyser, Ignition Tester, Spark Tester, Tester - Spark,

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