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Champion Spark Plugs

Put a Champion in your engine. Champion provide an extensive line of spark plugs for every piece of power equipment that you need to keep your and garden looking beautiful.

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Kawasaki Engines

Unmatched power, durability, and reliability. Start easier, perform stronger, last longer. With Kawasaki, you get all the power you expect, backed by almost a half-century of setting the standard for engine productivity and performance.

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UTA Blades

Quality Australian made blades.

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Diamond Edge

Trimmer line with Diamond designed cutting edges for aggressive cutting performance. Greater momentum provides higher impact resulting from 10% greater line mass. Special copolymer formulation for excellent wear, durability and cutting performance.

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Mechanic in a Bottle

Mechanic in a Bottle: The fix for poor or non-running engines! Mechanic in a Bottle provides both a reliable, fast and easy diagnostic tool to identify problems and a formula to rejuvenate and restore engines to top working condition – avoiding repairs and down time.

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Universal RINO-TUFF push button trimmer heads.

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Vortex trimmer line: The professional's choice for optimum all round performance. Full mass line promotes longer wear. Up to 50% noise reduction in larger diameter areas. Increased RPMs allows use of larger diameter lines resulting in more impact power.

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Cutting edge sharpening Equipment, The leader in quality ABN and diamond Grinding equipment.

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Make it happen! Make it Mojack! The smarter Ride-On & ZTR lift. Customer designed products to secure and lift virtually any riding mower on the market easily and safely.

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Trail Blazer

Trailblazer trimmer line - Delivers professional results for everyday use. Engineered for ultimate impact resistance, processed to minimise line splits and frays. Designed to provide weld resistant performance.

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Walbro is the world's largest manufacturer of ignition and fuel management components for outdoor power equipment, marine & recreational applications.

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Ethanol Shield

Prevent engine problems! An ultra-concentrated, multi-functional fuel stabiliser proven to prevent ethanol related problems while stabilising fuel. For both 2 and 4 cycle engines Ethanol Shield protects engine components and keeps your engine starting and running easily all year round.

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NGK Spark Plugs

Don't just ask for a spark plug, insist on NGK. NGK spark plugs are designed for superior performance as they extract maximum performance from the engine across the rev range.

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Tygon Fuel Line

Specially formulated to maintain air tight seals even in extreme conditions. Tygon Tubing resists swelling, hardening and cracking. Tygon's translucent material allows for clear inspection of flow.

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Weed Wakka

Australian made brushcutter attachments to replace nylon line and conventional steel blades.

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