KOHLER EXHAUST STUD CH5-1000 CV12.5-1000 SV470-740

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CH5-1000 CV12.5-1000


Brand: KOHLER - GA

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Extended Description

  • Replaces Genuine Kohler Exhaust Stud.
  • Kohler: 25 072 04-S, 25 072 04, 25 072 08-S, 25 072 14-S, 25 072 24-S
  • Aegis V Twin OHV - LH630, LH640, LH685, LH690, LH750, LH775, LV675, LV680 engine models. Command Pro Single OHV - CH5, CH6, CH11, CH12.5, CH13, CH14, CH15, CH430, CH450, CV12.5, CV13, CV14, CV15, CV16, CV430, CV450, CV460, CV461, CV490, CV491, CV492, CV493 engine models.
  • Command Pro Twin OHV - CH18, CH20, CH22, CH23, CH25, CH26 CH620, CH640, CH670, CH680, CH730, CH735, CH740, CH745, CH750, CH940, CH960, CH980, CH1000, CV17, CV18, CV19, CV20, CV22, CV22S, CV23, CV25, CV26, CV620, CV640, CV670, CV675, CV680, CV675, CV730, CV740, CV745, CV750, CV940, CV960, CV980, CV1000 engine models.
  • Command Pro Twin EFI - ECV740 engine models. Courage Single OHV - SV470, SV480, SV530, SV540, SV590, SV600, SV610 engine models. Courage Twin OHV - SV710, SV720, SV730, SV735, SV740 engine models. OHC V Twin - TH16, TH18, TH575, TH650 engine models.
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  • Stud, muffler, screw,

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