CH18 CH20

Brand: KOHLER - GA

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Extended Description

  • Replaces Genuine Kohler Intake Valve (STD)
  • 24 017 01, 24 017 01-S
  • Selected Aegis V Twin Liquid Cooled 22hp to 30hp LH630, LH640, LH685, LH690, LH750, LH755, LH775, LV625, LV675, LV680 engine models.
  • Selected Command Pro Twin OHV 17hp to 28hp CH18, CH20, CH22, CH23, CH25, CH620, CH621, CH640, CH641, CH670, CH680, CH682, CH730, CH732, CH740, CH742, CH750, CH752, CV17, CV18, CV19, CV20, CV22, CV23, CV25, CV620, CV624, CV640, CV670, CV675, CV680, CV682, CV724, CV725, CV730, CV732, CV740, CV742, CV745, CV750, CV752 engine models.
  • Selected Command Pro Twin OHV EFI 19hp to 29hp models including selected CH26, CH735, CH745, CV26, ECH630, ECH650, ECH680, ECH730, ECH740, ECH749, ECV630, ECV650, ECV680, ECV730, ECV740, ECV749 engine models.
  • Selected Command Pro Twin OHV Flex Fuel 25hp FCV740 engine models.
  • Selected Command Pro V Twin OHV EFI Propane 22hp to 25hp PCH680, PCH740, PCV680, PCV740 engine models.
  • Selected Courage Twin OHV 20 hp to 27 hp SV710, SV715, SV720, SV725, SV730, SV735, SV740, SV810, SV820, SV830, SV840 engine models.
  • 1
  • Replaces Genuine Kohler,
  • Inlet Valve, Intake Valve, Valve - Inlet, Valve - Intake,

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