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Extended Description

  • Description: FUEL-LIFE™ Non-Liquid Fuel Stabiliser 50 Gram Unit (1 Packet)
  • Features: Water is fuel's greatest contaminant causing rust, corrosion, gums, varnish, phase
  • separation and more.
  • FUEL-LIFE™ removes the water, removes the problems.
  • FUEL-LIFE™ is a unique technology designed to remove water from fuel. The concept
  • is similar to desiccant packs, a time-tested standard method to remove moisture in
  • critical items like pills and electronics.
  • (Please Note: Standard desiccant packs will NOT work in fuel.)
  • Problem
  • Modern gasoline is constantly changing, but not in a positive way as it relates to
  • small engines. Ethanol content is rising. Fuel has inherent contamination,
  • including water bonded to ethanol. The water problem becomes worse over time with
  • condensation and water encroachment. WATER is the greatest enemy to your fuel
  • system and engine. Ethanol attracts water and at some point, this corrosive mixture
  • phase separates to the bottom of your tank.
  • Solution
  • The FUEL-LIFE™ fuel preservation technology is a proprietary molecular sieve that
  • removes (neutralizes) the compounds in fuel that cause fuel decay. Once removed,
  • fuel’s ability to decay is drastically diminished, even when exposed to heat and
  • sunlight. The FUEL-LIFE™ fuel drying technology removes water from ethanol
  • blended fuel in a fuel tank. It removes entrained water eliminating corrosion and
  • phase separation. It is the ONLY scientific process that removes water bound to
  • ethanol (all ethanol has water bound to it).
  • • Drop one in your fuel can
  • • Tether one in your fuel tank
  • • Patented, in-tank fuel drying technology
  • • Treats tanks sizes up to 5 gallons (18.92 Litres)
  • • Removes the compounds in the fuel that promote fuel decay
  • • Removes water bound to ethanol, stopping corrosion and eliminating phase
  • separation
  • • Holds up to 21% its weight in water
  • • Works continuously for 1 year (6 months recommended for commercial
  • environments)
  • • Stabilises fuel
  • • FUEL-LIFE™ removes water just like desiccant packs in vitamins
  • • Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous
  • • Nothing is released into the fuel
  • • Increase customer satisfaction
  • • Reduce returns
  • Standard Pack Quantity: 1
  • Brand: Mechanic In A Bottle™,FUEL-LIFE™
  • Product Line: Mechanic In A Bottle™, FUEL-LIFE™, Fuel Stabiliser,

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