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Extended Description

  • Description: GA Premium Chainsaw Carry Bag (Black)
  • Editorial: A premium chainsaw carry bag designed to safely store and carry your chainsaw and
  • accessories.
  • Features: • Fully padded lining, heavy duty piping joins and a heavy duty zipper.
  • • Forward mounted straps ensure good balance when carrying.
  • • The bag has a multi-use tool pouch at the front and another smaller pouch on
  • the right hand side between the straps
  • • Velcro on the bar cover allows for the cover to be wrapped and secured out of
  • the way against the body of the bag to keep things safe and tangle free and tidy
  • when not in use
  • • Nine position rigid base supports
  • • Scabbard length is 20" (508 mm) to suit a large chainsaw with up to a 20” (50
  • cm) guide bar
  • • The bag has plenty of room for accessory items like oil, tools, wedges and
  • safety equipment etc.
  • • GA Logo
  • Height: (inches) 12.99" (at highest point)
  • Height: (mm) 330 mm (at highest point)
  • Length: (in): 18.11" (main bag only)
  • Length: (mm): 460 mm (main bag only)
  • Overall Length: 37.79" (960 mm) [including bar scabbard]
  • Width: (inches) 12.20"
  • Width: (mm) 310 mm
  • Standard Pack Quantity: 1
  • Please Note: For another chainsaw carry bag option use our TOL7505 [which is slightly smaller].
  • Brand: GA,
  • Product Line: Chainsaw Carry Bag,

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