43FK 3/8 PITCH .063 117DL


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Extended Description

  • PROKUT 3/8" Pitch x .063" Gauge x 117 Drive Link Loop Of Full-Chisel, Skip Tooth
  • Chainsaw Chain Packed In A Plastic Bag
  • OREGON 75JGX117G, 75JPX1157G,
  • Skip sequence chain featuring our most advanced lubrication system.
  • 43FK
  • 3/8"
  • 43FK / Full-Chisel, Skip Tooth
  • .063"
  • Round
  • Skip Tooth
  • 117
  • Selected chainsaws from 50 cc to 100 cc when fitted with a 3/8" pitch x .063" gauge
  • x 117 drive link guide bar.
  • Every PROKUT chain features:
  • Every component is precisely manufactured from high quality German steel.
  • Engineered for precision, balance and low vibration.
  • Manufactured to exacting standards of strength, durability and quality.
  • Chromed cutters for a sharper edge and a longer life.
  • Every single rivet used in PROKUT chain is individually induction-hardened for a
  • precise, consistent hardness providing unrivalled stretch and wear resistance.
  • Each PROKUT chain is pre-stretched including bulk chain rolls. This provides a
  • high-performance chain that is ready to use with the absolute minimum of stretch
  • straight out of the box!
  • Every single PROKUT cutting tooth is stamped with the pitch and gauge of the chain
  • to make each chain easily identifiable at a quick glance.
  • Individual Chain Features:
  • Full-chisel skip sequence cutters.
  • Vibration absorbing cutters for less equipment wear and operator fatigue.
  • Blued components resist corrosion and provide superior strength.
  • Oil cavities and indentations in drive teeth for better lubrication delivery.
  • Oil channels in drive teeth to deliver lubrication directly to the rivets where it
  • is needed most.
  • 1
  • Recommended for chainsaws from 50 cc to 100 cc when fitted with a 3/8" pitch x
  • .063" gauge x 117 drive link guide bar.
  • PROKUT, GA Forestry Accessories,
  • Chain loop, chainsaw chain, pre-cut chain loop, loop - chainsaw chain, saw chain,

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