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Extended Description

  • Agri-Fab 42" Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper
  • Sick of raking leaves and grass off your lawn after mowing? Does your ride-on mower
  • leave grass behind in wind rows leaving an eyesore after all of your hard work? The
  • Agri-Fab 42" Lawn Sweeper is the answer. With a sweeper, the job becomes much
  • easier on you and your lawn!
  • Agri-Fab 45-0521
  • (L x W x H) L 51.8" x W 12.6" x H 11.5"
  • (L x W x H) 1315 mm x 320 mm x 292 mm
  • 24"
  • 609.6 mm
  • 67"
  • 1701.8 mm
  • 85 lbs (38.55 kg)
  • 51"
  • 1295.4 mm
  • Ideal for use with many brands of lawn tractor type ride-on lawn mowers including
  • but not limited to selected Cox, Craftsman Garden series, Lawn Series, Professional
  • Series and Yard Series, Dixon D series, Greenfield, Husqvarna CTH, GTH, LR, LT,
  • LTH, YTH, TC and TS series, John Deere CR, D100, L, LT, LX and X series, Jonsered
  • GT, LGT and YT series, McCulloch, MTD Yard Machines and Yard-Man series, Murray,
  • Poulan Pro PP series and Rover etc. lawn tractor type ride-on lawn mower.
  • Versatile - Easily and quickly attaches to most lawn tractors.
  • Quick to empty - Just pull on the rope to empty the bag.
  • Offset hitch option, cut and sweep at the same time.
  • Easy brush height adjustment.
  • Transport option, for moving across areas you do not wish to sweep.
  • Easy storage - the sweeper collapses for easy storage.
  • Large flow through bag so that you don't have to stop as often.
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels 11" (279.4 mm) x 2.5" (63.5 mm).
  • Made in the USA.
  • 1
  • Please read the product manual included with your sweeper prior to use to fully
  • understand the safety requirements and operation instructions.
  • Required tow hitch height is between 7" to 13" (178 mm to 330 mm).
  • Due to idle speeds (ground speed) this sweeper is designed for use with lawn
  • tractors and is not for use with ZTR's or four wheelers.
  • Working speed 3-4 mph (4.82 kph to 6.43 kph). Do not exceed 6 mph (10 km/h).
  • Setting the brush height - Best results are achieved if the brushes penetrate the
  • grass to a depth of 1/2" (1.5 cm).
  • ! Warning - Risk of Overturning
  • Check the loading capacity of the towing vehicle and only sweep appropriate amounts
  • of grass and leaves into the grass bag.
  • On starting off, make sure that the sweeper retains its balance and does not
  • overturn.
  • Do not work on slopes greater than 10°.
  • Do not exceed 6 mph (10 km/h).
  • Drive slowly and carefully, especially when turning and on uneven ground.
  • Note: The driving and braking characteristics depend on the towed load.
  • ! Warning - Risk of Fire
  • Always empty the grass bag before storing the sweeper; otherwise spontaneous
  • combustion may occur.
  • Always keep the sweeper away from fire. Excessive heat can damage the brushes and
  • grass bag and could cause the bag to burn.
  • Agri-Fab
  • Lawn Sweeper, Sweeper - Lawn, Tow-Behind Sweeper,

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