BELT 108

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BELT 108" 4L110


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Extended Description

  • V-Belt 68 Series (Premium Quality A Section / 4L)
  • 108
  • 2743
  • 110
  • 2794
  • 1/2
  • 12.7
  • Multi-purpose v belt.
  • Our premium quality belts are manufactured with high-strength Aramid fibre cords for heavy duty applications and severe duty cycles. These belts have a drier cover fabric that is designed to increase flexibility and withstand severe clutching action, bending or twisting, heavy loads and backside idler applications.
  • Aramid Fibre Cord is the family name of nylons that include Kevlar
  • 1
  • Universal
  • V-Belt, A Section Belt, Drive Belt, Aramid Fibre Cord Belt, Belts - Premium Quality,

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