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  • Description: OREGON® BL300-A6 Battery Powered PowerNow™ 36 Volt Blower with 4.0Ah Battery
    Fits: One Battery System Multiple Tools - Common shared battery, the battery interchanges with all 36V Cordless Tools (CTSBLOWER, CTSPOLESAW, CTSCHAINSAW, CTSTRIMMER, CTSHEDGETRIMMER)
    Features: Specifications:
    Weight: 4.0kg (8.9 lbs) with 4.0 Ah battery pack.
    CFM: High: 400 / Turbo: 507
    Speed High: 164 kph (102 mph) / Turbo: 211.62 kph (131.5 mph)
    Run Time: Low: Up to 90 minutes
    High: Up to 15 minutes
    Turbo: Up to 7 minutes
    Noise Level: High: 60.8 db(A)
    Turbo: 64.6 db(A)
    (Tested per ANSI B175.2 bystander sound pressure)

    Comfort & Control

    • Variable speed trigger increases control and run time

    • Light-weight and ergonomic design

    • Large, comfortable trigger and turbo button reduce fatigue
    Premium Blower Technology

    • High performance fan maximises blower output

    • Petrol type power in a light-weight convenient design

    • Optimised fan and brushless motor delivers ideal balance between power and run time

    • Maximum air speed of 131.5 mph

    • Maximum air volume of 507 CFM

    • Maximum run time of 90 minutes
    Low Noise

    • 60.8 db(A) on high meets most community noise regulations.

    • Silent between trigger pulls
    Instant Start

    • No petrol-oil mixing

    • No pull cords

    • No warm-up

    • No emissions
    36V Lithium Ion Power

    • High Power for powerful blower use

    • Long run time

    • Premium cell technology

    • Constant no-fade power

    • Holds charge in storage for months
    Whether you're a commercial landscaper or hard working homeowner who simply demands the best, the OREGON® PowerNow™ 36V blower has the power you need to handle even the toughest jobs. With no restricting cords or confusing 2-stroke fuel mixtures the BL300 is ALWAYS READY™. The OREGON® PowerNow™ Lithium Ion battery pack features premium cell technology for long run time and powerful blower use. The combination of a variable speed trigger and turbo button provide you with the best of both worlds - long run time and convenient power. A brushless motor and premium fan design provide the power of a petrol tool with all the benefits of a cordless unit. Keep your lawn and walkways clear with the OREGON® BL300.
    Just charge the OREGON® PowerNow™ Battery Pack and you are always ready to go with lithium ion no-fade power.
    Kit consists of: BL300-A6 Blower, 4.0Ah battery pack and C600 charger (Charging time for a 4.0 Ah battery with a C600 standard charger is approximately 210 minutes).
    GA Power Equipment Spares Exclusive Australian distributor of the OREGON® 36V Cordless Tool System
    For more information call 1300 363 004 or visit www.oregon36v.com.au
    Standard Pack Quantity: 1
    Please Note: Sold as an optional extra our C750 Rapid Battery Charger (part number OMK562117) cuts charging time by as much as 75% for less downtime, and will charge the B400E 2.4 Ah battery pack in approximately 30 minutes and the B600E 4.0 Ah battery pack in approximately 60 minutes. Equipped with thermal and over voltage protection circuitry that prevents damage to battery packs and provides safe dependable charging.
    Warranty: Australian Warranty Terms: 2 Years Domestic Use. 1 Year Commercial Use.
    During the warranty period OREGON® will replace or, at it's option repair free of charge, for the original purchaser only, any product or part manufactured which is found upon examination by OREGON® to be defective in material and/or workmanship.
    *Note this warranty does not include wearable consumables. These are covered by the regular OREGON® warranty.*
    Brand: OREGON®
    Product Line: Cordless Tool System Blower,
    Copyright: © Roy Gripske & Sons Pty. Ltd. 2017. All rights reserved..

  • Freight costs may vary to your location, please see your local dealer for freight prices to your area.

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